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I shouldn't have volunteered...

Well, it started over a drink in the pub (as they always do!) - Ken, the Chair of this committee, noted that I had just retired and wondered if I was at a loose end? He said that he was looking for new Village Hall Committee members and did I want to join?

Perhaps I would like to observe proceedings before committing, said Ken? So off I trooped on a cold January night to sit in on my first meeting. It was a friendly, informal affair - with no hint of 'politics'. At the end, Ken turned to me and asked if I still wanted to join? I said yes. Then the bombshell came - Ken said that all committee members have a role to fulfil, and given my IT background he wanted me to take on the running of the Village Hall website and Facebook page. Just when I thought that I'd escaped from technology!

So after a handover from your previous website editor, Steve (thank you for all your previous contributions) it was a case of knuckling down to understand the tools and the 'user' requirements (something not too amiss from what I've been doing for nearly 40 years!). What you see now in front of you is my first attempt at refreshing our web pages. More will follow but in the meantime if you have any feedback whatsoever please use our contact form to provide comment, inspiration, ideas etc etc.

Over the coming months I hope to encourage other Blog contributions - not just from committee members but also from you. If you've used the Hall in any form - by attending a party, are involved in one of the regular activities, been involved in previous events, or just want to air your thoughts (hall related please) - please drop me a line or more, and I can convert into a blog.

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